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PARSIPPANY — During the weeks before the election, Parsippany Focus received many “letter to the editor” submissions. We publish all letters regardless of political views or party affiliations. We welcome all endorsement letters from all readers.

With the upcoming 2021 election in Parsippany, where it has been rumored at least four candidates seeking the Mayoral Candidacy, we have been receiving letters that are anonymous, unsigned and unverifiable.

Although the policy for “Letters to the Editor” has been published on our website for many years, I would like to reiterate those policies.

Letters to the Editor: Do you have an opinion to express? Send letters to news@parsippanyfocus.com.

To be considered for publication, letters to the editor must include the writer’s full name, street address, and daytime phone number. Letters may be condensed, although care is taken to preserve the writer’s comments (maximum 400 words). Copyright in material submitted to Parsippany Focus and accepted for publication remains with the author, but Parsippany Focus may freely reproduce it in print, electronic or other forms.

At the request of the writer, Parsippany Focus, will not print street addresses and telephone numbers unless authorized.

We are unable to acknowledge receipt of letters. All political letters in nature must be submitted by residents and/or candidates only.

All political letters must be received prior to Noon on Sunday before the election to be considered.

If the writer’s full name, address, and daytime phone number, can not be verified the letter WILL NOT be published.

Thank you for your cooperation

Frank L. Cahill

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