Letter to the Editor: Life in Parsippany

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Boy, it has been a tough few days here in Parsippany…On Tuesday a Tropical Storm went through our town and it really left its mark.  Trees down everywhere and not tiny, scrawny trees.

But sixty – seventy-year-old Oaks that have stood against all previous weather battles. Where I live in Glacier Hills the number of trees down and wires down, poles broken matched or exceeded Hurricane Sandy and the Ice Storm of a few Octobers ago.

On Tuesday so many power lines were down that we were afraid to walk outside, one of the things that happened to me was while I was talking to neighbors to see how they did, we all heard a “POP” sound and saw a white ball of smoke coming from what appeared to be my home.  A neighbor called the power company but could not get through, she then called our Fire Department.  Within minutes a truck from the Mt. Tabor Fire Department was in front of my home, three young men walked up to me – lead by a Lieutenant.  They asked me what the problem was, could I show them where it occurred.  They were in full uniform on that hot, humid afternoon.  Using some kind of electronic gear they methodically went over the whole outside of the house where the smoke was.  They then went into my basement, and finally, they crawled into the attic.

Thank GOD they found nothing.  I have never had the need for the fire department in my over 50 years living in Parsippany.  Let me tell you that although they found nothing that I felt proud of just watching these young, highly trained men do their jobs.  How lucky are we to live in a town where such men still volunteer to help the rest of the community and do it for free, they are after all volunteers.  As the Mayor said in his daily report that the Ambulance Squads were busy all day, running all over town – doing yeoman’s work…

As I started to write this letter I realized that we live in a town where those “Unseen-Essential Workers” go on about their daily chores, the trash is picked up, the yard waste disappears, the water comes out of the taps and the wastewater disappears down the toilet, when it snows – before the last flake hits the ground the snowplows are clearing our streets…We just take for granted, our town is one of the safest in New Jersey – Thanks to our excellent Police Department, and finally, those people who work in the various departments in Town Hall – each trying their best to help a citizen when they call or come into the building…

I realize why so many people STAY in Parsippany…My wife passed on five years ago, I could have gone to Florida or Pennsylvania, paid 25% of the property taxes we pay here, but as I have learned – I never hear people complain about our town services when we get together, taxes yes, but services never.  Just talk to people who pay high taxes and still have to pay some contractors to take their garbage and other charges that we just take for granted.  A good friend lives in an upscale community, garbage is a private contractor, she has well water that MUST be tested twice a month, she has a septic system that she pays to have emptied twice a year, and she complains that it often is the day after a snowstorm when her street is plowed and cleaned.  How lucky are we??

In closing let me say this – Our town does NOT run JCP&L, so down power lines – the blame goes there, but when I needed help the fire department sent three of their best men, who did their job and did it well…To Mt. Tabor Fire Company – Thank You!  To the Town of Parsippany Employees, just keep doing what you have been doing for the over 50 years that I have lived here…Be safe and God Bless you all!

Respectfully Submitted:
Stephen J. Roman Sr.