Mathnasium students provided for 4,578 meals to Community Food Bank of New Jersey

Ridham Desai (donated 45 cards), Manali Desai (donated 63 cards), Sarvesh Patham (donated 150 cards), Aneesha Bhattachargee (donated 24 cards), and Saanvi Indoria (donated 28 cards)

PARSIPPANY — The students at Mathnasium work very hard learning new or misunderstood concepts and solve problems through our curriculum to master their comprehension.

Dominick Badia (donated 49 Cards = 147 meals)

Through their hard work, they earn stars on their punch cards. After they earn one card, they can start cashing in for their rewards. Some students cash in right away for small rewards, while others hold on to their cards and save for the “bigger ticket items”.

Brother and sister Manali Desai (donated 63 cards), Ridham Desai (donated 45 cards). Total of 108 cards = 324 meals

They asked the students what they want to see in the reward cabinets and Mathnasium stocks accordingly so they feel like they are really working towards something special. This is what made Giving Week so beautiful.

Sarvesh Patham (donated 150 cards = 450 meals)

Students that have saved up their cards for these special rewards (some for years) decided to forego the reward for themselves and pass it on to those in need. Some of the students donated all the cards they had. It was extremely heartwarming to see. They are very proud of their students for being so thoughtful and generous. They essentially are feeding our hungry neighbors, at the Community Food Bank, through solving Math Problems.

Carina Maroldi (donated 27 cards = 81 meals)

On the first day alone the students collected 598 Cards. Mathnasium matched the first 600 Cards and in total collected 926 cards! The students were told that each card would be translated into giving $1.00 to the Food Bank.

The first 600 cards that were matched, Mathnasium gave $2 for each card. They were also told that every $1 they donated meant they were providing three meals to someone that needed it. The students and instructors were having fun using their mathematical skills to see how many meals they personally were giving! The total amount that will be donated to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey is $1,526 which means we are able to provide 4,578 meals from Mathnasium of NE Parsippany.

What an awesome accomplishment for our very kind-hearted students.

Mathnasium is located at 450 North Beverwyck Road.