Palito’s Deli and Grill closed by Board of Health

They were operating without a current food license

Palito's is located at 166 Halsey Road

PARSIPPANY — Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Health closed Palito’s Deli and Grill, 166 Halsey Road, Lake Parsippany on Tuesday, July 2 for operating without a current food license.

According to Parsippany’s Municipal Ordinances, “The licenses issued or renewed shall expire annually on June 30, with the exception of temporary food licenses.” To establish or renew a food license under Township Code, the fee ranges from $200 to $2000 annually, and is based on square footage.

Palito’s Deli and Grill most likely is on the lower size.

In addition to the fees above, an additional fee of $50 per service shall be charged when the establishment also contains any of the following on site: Bakery, Meat counter, Deli counter, Salad bar or raw bar (seafood/shellfish), Sushi bar, or Catering delivery amounting to 25% or more of the business.
An establishment not renewing by June 30 is subject to a $100.00 late fee.
Telephone calls to Palito’s Deli and Grill were unanswered, and the doors were locked on numerous visits from our staff.
Palito’s Deli and Grill opened earlier this year taking over Four Knives and Deli which closed late 2018.