Parsippany’s Alfano finishes last in Surrogate race

Heather Darling will face off Democrat Michael Thompson in the General Election in November

Isabella Alfano

MORRIS COUNTY — With 99.75% of Morris County reporting results, the unofficial results for Morris County Republican Surrogate is:

Heather Darling 9,630 40.63%
Michael Patrick Carroll 9,088 38.34%
Isabella Alfano 4,964 20.94%

Isabella Alfano, Parsippany, was a latecomer in the race, ran a negative campaign and split the votes of the Republican Ticket.  Alfano was the favorite of the Morris County Republican Committee. Both Carroll and Darling are Attorneys while Alfano is unemployed. During the campaign, Alfano criticized Darling.

According to Alfano’s ELEC reports, she only had one contribution made by Dr. Louis Valori, for $400.00. Valori is the Chairman of the Parsippany Republican Committee and also the Corresponding Secretary of Morris County Republican Club.

Alfano hired a printer based in Wyoming. This is the same company that Dinsmore, Felegi and Winterfield for Freeholder hired. Emails and texts to Donald Dinsmore went unanswered regarding the consultant.

Editor’s Note: Why would a Parsippany politician use an out of state printer? Aren’t there any printers that can perform the same services here in Parsippany or even New Jersey? Obviously Alfano is trying to hide something in her ELEC filings. Checkmate Action Group, LLC., is listed with a Wyoming address, and was formed on January 28, 2019. (click here for official documentation). The address listed in Wyoming is also the address of a mail forwarding service, and a corporate registration service. Checkmate Action Group isn’t listed in a Google search, and there is no website for the company. was purchased on January 25, 2019, with a private registration, to hide ownership, and no website was ever built. Checkmate Action Group is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.