Students present projects on National History Celebration Day

Students and teachers have the opportunity to engage in historical research

Life in London: Flames and Diseases by Priya Savani, Deeksha Rajiv, and Divya Loganathan (6th graders)

PARSIPPANY — National History Day (NHD) is a program that allows students and teachers to have the opportunity to engage in historical research. This year the club has grown to over 30 members and also including students from Parsippany High School.  After spending months on project research and preparation, the students presented their projects at the NJ History Day Celebration at Central Middle School on Thursday, March 7.  Students also competed in the regional competition at Kean University.

With the help and guidance from the NHD advisors, the students worked diligently over the past school year analyzing primary sources and secondary sources related to this years’ theme, “Triumph and Tragedy.” Students created websites, exhibits, presentations and documentary films for their specific topic.

The club advisors for the Central Middle School History Day club are Maria Elisa Glatz, Maria Hatzipetros and Susan Kalb.

Some topics researched were Alexander the Great, Iran Hostage Crisis, Alfred Nobel and Dynamite, Salt March in India, Salem Witch Trials, Battle of Marathon, Russian Revolution, Spanish Influenza,  Fall of Rome, London Fire and Diseases, and British Rule over India. Students also completed a process paper and an annotated bibliography as part of the project requirements.

The great news is that two groups were chosen to continue to compete at the State level competition on May 4 at William Paterson University.  The groups that will be going to the state level competition are:

Life in London: Flames and Diseases by Priya Savani, Deeksha Rajiv, and Divya Loganathan (6th graders)

The Banning of DDT: The Chemical of Miracle and Monstrosity by Romila Deodhar and Ria Sharma (8th graders)

History Day is not just a day, it is an experience!”

Salem Witch Trial: Maass Hysteria of 1692- Anusha Jonnalagadda and Srija Boddu
Life in London: Flames and Diseases – Regional Winners Deeksha Rajiv, Divya Loganathan, Priya Savani
The Spanish Influenza: by Katherine Blair and Justin Chen (not pictured)
Gandhi’s Salt Act – Ashwin Vaithiyalingam, Priyanka Sunkara and Vickie Xiang