Robotics Workshop and STEM Career Day to be held at PAL

PARSIPPANY — On Monday, January 21, eBorg Robotics will be hosting a free FIRST Robotics Workshop and STEM Career Day.

The event will take place at the Parsippany PAL, 33 Baldwin Road, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. All the local Robotics teams are invited to the event to showcase their robot and related material to inspire students.  The teams have coordinated a panel of doctors, engineers, professors, and technocrats to speak about their experiences, give advice, and inspire a future generation to be involved in STEM. Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor Michael Soriano will also be in attendance.

All middle and high school students who are interested in this event are welcome to attend.

eBorg Robotics participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). The goal of FTC is to ensure students develop STEM skills by designing and building robots to solve an annual challenge, learn to raise funds, and do community outreach. Each season ends with the State and then FIRST Championship. First Robotics Competition teams are guided by solid principles of teamwork, graciousness, professionalism and competing teams are in cooperation and harmony even during competitions.  Senior Satish Natarajan of the Lancers Robotics team said, “FTC provides a setting that deepens my understanding of pressing engineering issues and applications of technology which is truly an incredible experience.”

In April 2018, eBorg Robotics competed in the World Championship for the FIRST Tech Challenge competition. Only one hundred out of over 61,000 teams, selected through a rigorous process of qualifier, state, and regional competitions, were able to compete. At the World Championship, then rookie eBorg Robotics ranked within the top twenty teams amongst well-seasoned, veteran teams. Team Coach Amit Joglekar described the team saying, “What powers the human hands are not just one or two fingers, but it’s the synchronized effort of all the uniquely gifted yet diverse tactile members. I believe the same is true for the power behind our Team.”

This season, eBorg Robotics won the Inspire Award at the Southeastern Pennsylvania qualifier, given to the team that most embodies the values of FIRST, qualifying them to participate in the Pennsylvania State Championship. The team also received the Think Award, awarded to teams with the most creative robot design processes and engineering notebook documentation and Inspire Second Place at the New Jersey qualifier.

Technical documentation and CAD Protyping Lead of eBorg Robotics Tej Shah said, “Through various setbacks and challenges, we as a team have grown significantly, developing stronger technical and communication skills. We understand that developing the robot iteratively through prototyping, building and programming is difficult and this season has been no exception. Nothing beats the joint feeling of elation when we solve tough problems that have long eluded us and that’s what makes it all worth it in the end!

eBorg Robotics strives to inspire and encourage students to pursue STEM in our local and global communities. Throughout this season alone, eBorg Robotics was able to make great strides in spreading STEM, specifically to students with less exposure. Through various outreaches and events, we conducted sessions with underprivileged and autistic students at the non-profit organizations Greater Life Center and Akhil Autism Foundation respectively. Software and Testing Lead of eBorg Robotics Emily Liew said, “Seeing the gears in their minds turning and their flames of curiosity sparking was truly an unforgettable experience and opportunity that was gratifying. Connecting with the students and children in our communities and giving back, allow me to believe that we are truly making an impact in their lives and leaving the world a little bit brighter than it was before.”

The teams hope to continue inspiring more children in their local and global communities to learn about Robotics and pursue careers in STEM and the upcoming FIRST Robotics Workshop and STEM Career day marks a beginning of their goal.