Letter to the editor: Route 10 Property

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Call a real estate development a “PILOT” Program, make sure that you use the acronym instead of the full name: Payment in Lieu of Taxes,  and show pretty pictures of what you are going to build,  and you will convince a majority of the members of the Parsippany Town Council that a prime piece of real estate on a major highway with immediate access to an Interstate, in the immediate vicinity of three major hotel chains, a host of major supermarkets, a large busy department store, strip malls  being upgraded and a noted complex of commercial properties containing  the corporate headquarters of  many national and international companies,  that the property you intend to develop is an Area in Need of Development! And because you will convince certain Council members  that this area is in need of development you are entitled to a tax giveaway!!

Are these Council members so insular that they have not left the confines of Parsippany to go to the immediate areas of our town to see the numerous tracts of land that have been developed within the past few years and others that are now in the process of being developed, and that none of them are have received or are receiving tax giveaways?

This letter is not a resistance to what should or should not be built on this property, but one of resistance to an unwarranted real estate developer tax giveaway.

Richard Rosenthal
3 Cambridge Road
Morris Plains, NJ 07950