Jay Webber issues statement to supporters

Jay Webber

MORRIS COUNTY — Thank you! Thank you to each and every one of you for your support throughout our campaign.

Yesterday, the Sherrill campaign received more votes than ours.  I always have admired Mikie’s prior service to our country, and now I wish her well in the next phase of her life as the Representative from this district to the House of Representatives.

Despite the outcome at the polls, Johanna and I want to stress to you the immense sense of gratitude we have for all of you, and for everyone who has put so much of themselves into this campaign.

From the beginning, our campaign has offered a positive, hopeful, and confident vision of America.  We have touted our belief in fundamental American values like rewarding hard work, and enforcing our laws.  Our mission has been infused with optimism, and we have been determined to transcend the pettiness of small politics to speak of things greater than ourselves.

We will never stop fighting for the values we believe in because we love our country too much to stop.  We love our families, our friends, and our neighbors too much.  And yes, we even love our opponents too much to stop fighting for what we believe is right for all Americans.

So let us celebrate some great accomplishments, and remember those accomplishments most.  We know, and the rest of the world knows, that we have fought the good fight.  We have finished the race.  And we have kept the faith.  And until we’re called upon to get back in the arena and do it once again, may God bless the great State of New Jersey, and may He bless the United States of America.