Sherrill, Booker and Mayors to Congress: Stop Raising Taxes on NJ Families

Mayor Robert Conley, Madison; Michael Soriano, Parsippany; Senator Cory Booker; Congressional Candidate Miki Sherrill; Mayor Keith Kazmark, Woodland Park; and Mayor Tim Doherty, Morristown

PARSIPPANY — Mikie Sherrill joined Senator Cory Booker and Mayors from across New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District outside a home in Parsippany, to speak out against Congress’ tax bill that targets residents in our community and raises our federal tax burden.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor Michael Soriano

“Parsippany is a community similar to many across the country, but unlike towns in other states, Congress decided to target our residents with a tax bill that limits their ability to deduct their state and local taxes,” said Parsippany Mayor Michael Soriano. “Our homeowners in Parsippany shouldn’t have to pay more in federal tax dollars when we know that money isn’t coming back to fund our schools or repair our roads.”

“Senator Booker and our Mayors know that what happens in Congress directly impacts the residents in our towns, and they need a partner in Congress who will put our families first,” said congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill. “Assemblyman Jay Webber supports a tax bill that every Member of Congress from North Jersey voted against. It should be easy to speak out against over-taxing our residents, and yet Assemblyman Jay Webber refuses to do. In Congress I will work to restore our state and local tax deduction and bring real tax relief to middle-class families in all our towns.”

Congress funded their tax bill by limiting the ability of our residents to deduct their state and local taxes (SALT). This is particularly harmful in the 11th District, where the average SALT deduction is more than $20,000. And just last week, Congress announced they would raise taxes again by making the cap on the state and local tax deduction permanent. In addition to raising taxes, the cap on SALT will drive down home prices in the district, with Essex County the worst impacted county in the United States, and all four counties in NJ-11 among the top 20.





Woodland Park