Lion King Jr to open at The Tabernacle this Saturday


PARSIPPANY — Local children at the Mount Tabor Arts summer camp are at it again this summer pouring their hearts into preparing ‘Lion King Jr. one of Disney’s  favorite tales of Simba learning about the Circle of Life!

Photo by Dan Bozza
Photo by Dan Bozza
Photo by Dan Bozza

This is the second youth performance of the newly launched Mount Tabor Arts Collaborative. Join all the animals celebrating Simba’s birth on Saturday night, July 21 at 7:00 p.m. in The Tabernacle, 26 Simpson Avenue, Mount Tabor.
It’s just $10,00 a ticket to show kids that their community is rooting for them- and to offer an inspiring, low-cost,  theater experience for your own children of all ages. Tickets available at the door the day of the show at 5:00 p.m.

Directed and Choreographed  by: Dawn Ward Lau
Music Direction by: Sandi Zimmerman
Rafiki: Vianne Bozza
Simba : Vincent Bozza
Young Simba: Langston Bias
Mufasa: Kristin “Jade” Schaffer
Scar: Kira King
Nala: Maya Lau
Young Nala: Laurily Merzatta
Timon: Rhaya Lau
Pumbaa: Bella Bozza
Zazu: Charlie Love
Shenzi: Ava Cohen
Banzai: Danny Ververs
Ed: Michael Bunzendahl
Sarabi: Caitlin
Sarafina: Emma Lipsky
Ensemble:  Joy Allatta,

Alicia Boscarino, Maria ‘Gaby’ Couto, Sophie Hutchinson, Isabella Lipsky, Veronica Luer, Anara Sullivan.