Bald Eagle soars Lake Hiawatha; Black Bears roam Rainbow Lakes

Bald Eagle in Lake Hiawatha

PARSIPPANY — Lake Hiawatha resident Robert Hogan told Parsippany Focus that he found a bald eagle near his home.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes become active with spring in full swing, and that includes the local eagle population. In Rainbow Lakes, the bear are roaming neighborhoods seeking food.

Robert Hogan told Parsippany Focus he saw the eagles on separate days in the Lake Hiawatha area. The first day he found a golden eagle perched in a tree, and the next time it was a bald eagle. He says the bald eagle was looping around the edge of the lake and swooped down to grab dinner. Hogan said he had never seen eagles in the area before this.

Growing eagle populations and shrinking habitats have led to more frequent, and more fierce, struggles over territory — and more sightings of stuck-together eagles.

This great bird is the perfect symbol to represent Americans and this beautiful country we are blessed to live in.

Bald Eagle in Lake Hiawatha. Photo by Robert Hogan
Golden Eagle in Lake Hiawatha. Photo by Robert Hogan
A black bear was seen in Rainbow Lakes as recent as May 7 on Fox Hill Road