The Opera Comes to Parsippany

Featuring World Renown Tenor Mr. Todd Wilander

Todd Wilander

PARSIPPANY — Just when you think you have seen just about every type of fundraising event presented locally the Parsippany Knights of Columbus have taken their annual fundraising event to an entirely new level.

On Saturday, May 12, the Parsippany Knights will present ‘The Opera Comes to Parsippany!” featuring World Renown Tenor Mr. Todd Wilander.

Mr. Wilander has performed at major Opera venues around America and the Opera World, here is what just a few newspaper reviews have said about his talents. The Chicago Tribune­: “A one of a kind concert artist – each note had a life of its own”, The New York Times: ” Sang with burning passion and astonishing accuracy!” Mr. Stephen Roman, Chairman of this event states “I had the privilege to see and hear Mr. Wilander up close and personal at a recent event where he was the star attraction and I was overwhelmed with is voice, stage presence and the songs that he presented as part of his performance.”

Mr. Roman stated “It has become so difficult to put on original material to the very selective audiences that live in and around Parsippany that we must offer, new, interesting and above all original artists who will bring their special talents to the audience who will be attending their performance.” Mr. Wilander will sing a multiple selection of both traditional Opera numbers as well as American/English numbers from shows such as the
“Student Prince.”

Mr. Wilander said that he is aware that the Knights of Columbus is a religious men’s charitable organization, and that all monies made at his event will be used for the Youth and Charity Funds so that the Knights can continue providing financial help to organization that have come to depend on the K of C. That the funds will be used 100% in and around Parsippany and freely given to those in need regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

Mr. Wilander went on to say “A program like the one that we will present gives both the novice and the more experienced listener the opportunity to learn first hand what Opera is, how the songs are performed and to get that authentic feel for this type of music.” “Opera is one of the oldest and finest examples of an art form that has lasted for many centuries and when it is performed around the world , the venues are full with eager fans who have come to enjoy this type of historic entertainment!”

“By bring the Opera, the REAL Opera to Parsippany, the Knights are giving the local communities an opportunity to see and feel Opera without having to make that long and expensive trip into New York City, the price that is being charged is exceptional, especially for Senior Citizens and Veterans, I thank the Knights of Columbus for their efforts to bring this amazing music to people who may never have had or could not afford otherwise to see and feel this level of Opera entertainment.”

Mr. Rob Madonna, Co-Chairman of this event added “We have expanded the size of the venue with the use of Parsippany Hills High School Auditorium, but even that space is limited to a certain number and we expect this show to be a sellout, the price of going to movie is approaching $20.00 a ticket and we are offering the general public the opportunity to see a world renown Opera Star like Mr. Wilander for only $25.00 a ticket, less for seniors, children under 12 and our honored Veterans.” We feel that people will understand that this is their one opportunity to see an attraction of this level and these very affordable prices and will move quickly to secure their tickets for the evening.”

The event “Opera Comes to Parsippany” will take place on Saturday, May 12, the show will start at approximately 7:00 p.m., at the Parsippany Hills High School, 20 Rita Drive.

Tickets are $25.00 General Admission, $15.00 Seniors and Children under 12, $10.00 for Honored Veterans (with ID) … Free Parking.

Tickets are on a first come first serve basis at, or calling (973) 264-7261, if any tickets are left, they will be sold at the door.

There will be an intermission, with non-alcoholic beverages.