Letter to the editor: Resident praises Mayor; Tom Jones and Nicolas Limanov

Nicolas Limanov cleaning snow from a residents driveway during Winter Storm Quinn

parsippany focusDear Mayor Soriano:

When you came to our door with our friend, Ken Dolsky, I knew that you were “The Man!” Little did i know how true my first impression of you fit!

Between what I’ve read in the newspaper, heard from employees and am a recipient of an act of kindness bestowed on our family, Parsippany, has been blessed to have you as our Mayor!

In particular, I am referring to the OEM program. My daughter spoke to one of your staff members, Tom Jones, and miraculously, Nick Limanov, the kindest, most responsible “One in a Million” man dug us out of the snow so that my husband could get to his Chemotherapy at St. Barnabas.

What a wise decision it was to hire a person of Mr. Jone’s caliber and personality to speak with the public and assure people that he personally will take care of matters! He gets the “ball rolling” and also follows through with a call.

Mr. Jones always speaks with dignity and respect and has a perfect personality. It is obvious that Mr. Jones loves his job and does it to the enth degree. Surely, you know your team by now, but everyone deserves a pat on the back … especially since the weather has probably made everyone working for the town have frayed nerves, to say the least.

Not enough words can be said about this program and the selflessness of Nick Limanov. He is our personal hero!

Once again, Mr. Mayor, thank you for caring so much about disabled seniors. It is so reassuring to know you have our “backs” and Parsippany cares!

Jan Altman
Harvey Altman
Laurie Altman

P.S. The animals also thank you.