Letter to the editor: Council still refuses to answer questions

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parsippany focusDear Editor:

I would like to share with my Parsippany-Troy Hills neighbors questions that were asked at the Township Council meetings of October 2 and October 17 that went unanswered:

1) Has Mayor Barberio ever been employed by the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills? (other than Mayor or councilmen). Sanitation maybe?

2)  Was Mayor Barberio ever terminated or asked to resign from said job by former Mayor Frank Priore?

3)  Was a disability involved? If so, to what extent? I would think that Mayor Barberio or John Inglesino (township attorney) would have responded.

Why haven’t they addressed these questions? Where is the transparency?

I would like to remind Parsippany Troy-Hills taxpayers to get out and vote on November 7. This mayoral election will either make us or break us. Mayor Barberio, Council President Lou Valori and Vincent Ferrara are not, in my opinion, being factual or transparent.  Please consider:

1) Is Mayor Barberio being deceitful in stating that Money Magazine has ranked Parsippany-Troy Hills as #5 for “best place to live”? Parsippany was #5 in 2016 however, it has been ranked #33 for 2017. What a difference one year makes under Mayor Barberio. Anyone remember Waterview?

2) 0% tax increase for 2017 – This is true but the Mayor doesn’t acknowledge that without the water/sewer surplus (3 million this year) he would not have been able to do that. Once again, Mayor Barberio has hit the surplus piggy bank. Think about it, how can we not have any tax increase with all the new hires, raises, promotions etc? Can’t wait for the 2018 budget. Next year Mayor Barberio can and probably will raise taxes above 4%.

3) Mayor Barberio states “keeps municipal taxes low through sound conservative fiscal policy”. Mayor Barberio’s policy is to use surplus dollars from water/sewer every year for the past 8 years. I ask you what happens when we don’t have such a surplus? This is what Mayor Barberio considers sound?

4) Shared Service with Rockaway Township- this recently was brought to the council for approval regarding the use of our court. However, I heard that the Mayor of Rockaway is a retired Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Officer and is still employed by Parsippany as a violations clerk? Is this true? Do we have a conflict here?

5)  Mayor Barberio says he promotes open space- I have one word for the Mayor- “WATERVIEW”

6)  Council President Lou Valori has done a complete about face. It appears all his campaign promises in the 2013 election no longer exist. After Council President Valori accused Mayor Barberio and Brian Stanton of bribery in 2013 (costing the taxpayers of Parsippany over $10,000.00 in legal fees) I cannot understand how they can run together. Let’s give this some thought? Any skeletons in someone’s closet?

7) Mayor Barberio allows township attorney John Inglesino to state on record “that ordinances aren’t real laws just guidelines”. However, the executive function of Mayor is “enforce the charter and ordinances of the municipality”. If Mayor Barberio is not enforcing ordinances brought to his attention than Mayor Barberio is not acting in the best interest of Parsippany. Does Parsippany need a Mayor who makes up his own rules as he goes along? I think not.

I will end here once again urging all Parsippany residents to get out and vote on November 7. I support the Soriano team. Let’s make a difference.

Thank you
Pat Petaccia

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