Letter to the editor: Thoughts on 2017 Vote Issues of Life

parsippany focus

Dear Editor:

The truth is our NJDEP under the present Christie administration is bought out and weakened in the name of a false economy that separates good land use from water issues; this of course is impossible; but “economically”convenient” for market speculation sprawl development. This form of economy to nowhere injures and negatively impacts water sources. When private economic interest “trump” the science and needs of the common ignoring long term accumulative impacts and cost avoidance scenario’s we have pirates and politicians, not statesman and enlightened scientist administerings our life. When ecology becomes an obstacle rather than an friend of the way of living, humanity dooms itself through the body of alleged economic job stimulation for short-term land consumption in the name of property, not Earth, life and all things in it.

Our economy becomes the body of the dinosaur we move further further from real values and closer to senseless existence away from organic links to life itself into artificial class separations. Plastic, asphalt and ugliness replace not only gods nature but our souls…Water is Life. Somehow money makes us think oil and water mix. This is the extreme that the financialization of life itself has brought us…

We must think green, real life itself; our planets future on every level in this election. In the richest nation on earth, how can, why is money a problem? If one does not know this, one knows No-thing, and can easily believe water and oil do mix…

There is plenty of work for a society in tune with itself organically linked to the real world outside the pages of money magazine; from infrastructure, clean energy to keeping up with the trash. Vote human, vote common sense grounded in nature and man as part of not apart from.

Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034