PHS Band Celebrates 60 years of music making

The PHS Alumni Band Reunion held at Veterans Memorial Park

PARSIPPANY — The Parsippany High School Band held its 60th Anniversary celebration with a Spring Band Concert on Friday, May 19 and continued on Saturday, May 20, with a picnic at Veterans Memorial Park for all PHS Band Alumni and their family. This landmark reunion recognized 60 years of Bands at Parsippany High School. Many Band Directors and Band Members attended the event with food donated by Applebee’s and food catered by Texas Smoke Barbecue.

Welcome to the PHS Band Alumni
Craig Hunt (2016), Xue Ting Lin (2016) and Josh Lustig (2015) were the youngest Alumni’s at the picnic
Robbie Furman (1989) with his balloon creations
Band Director Greg Dalakian and Brian Stanton
Steve Klein (1985), Mary Giercyk Castillo (1986), Lionel “Lonnie” Roland (1986), Robbie Furman (1989) and Chris Marques (1988)
Tamar Fine Yarkoni (1989), Saxophone with Nancy Polen McAllister (1989) Drum Major
Calvin Dickens (2031) Nancy Dickens (Band Parent 1988-2000) and Miles Dickens (2028)


Balloon Artist Robbie Furman (1989)
William Min (1995) and Lew Kelly (1995)
Phil Hughes, Michele Hughes (1987), Steve Dickens and Nancy Dickens
Drum Majors and Band Directors – Joe Bernabe (1970), Ellen Klein (1979), Greg Dalakian (2004), Joe Stella, Adrienne Thaunberg Perez (2003), Chris Arnold and Nancy Polen McAllister (1989)
Leslie (Griswold) Silver (1979), Kathy (Eccles) O’Rourke (1979), Joe Bernabe (1970), Laura (Miguelez) Quay (1979), Ellen Klein (1979) and Terri (Thompson) Herold (1979)
Band Directors: Erin Neglio, Chris Arnold, Mike Russo, Joe Bernabe, Joe Stella and Greg Dalakian
The delicious celebration cake




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