Kiwanis Club donates to NJ Sharing Network

Kiwanis President Connie Keller, Robert Keller, Gordon Meth, Michele Dabal, NJ Sharing Network and Kiwanis Secretary Karen Gajewski

PARSIPPANY — Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany Foundation made a donation to NJ Sharing Network on Thursday, April 7.April is National Donate Life Month.

NJ Sharing Network encourages all communities throughout the state to join us to celebrate National Donate Life Month in April and National Donate Life Blue and Green Day. Through your participation, you will join thousands of businesses, hospitals, schools, community groups and elected officials across the nation who demonstrate their support of organ and tissue donation and bring much-needed attention to this critical issue.

Kiwanis President Bob Keller, Gordon Meth, Michele Dabal, NJ Sharing Network and Kiwanis President Connie Keller. Bob received a kidney transplant and his donor was his wife, Connie.
Kiwanis President Bob Keller, Gordon Meth, Michele Dabal, NJ Sharing Network and Kiwanis President Connie Keller. Bob received a kidney transplant and his donor was his wife, Connie.

NJ Sharing Network is a non-profit, federally designated organ procurement organization. This means they are responsible for the recovery of organs and tissue for the nearly 5,000 New Jersey residents currently awaiting transplantation.

They are also part of the national recovery system, which is in place for the more than 122,000 people on waiting lists.

NJ Sharing Network operates 24/7/365 with a team of over 150 highly trained and dedicated members on staff. The Governing and Foundation Boards are made up of a diverse group of individuals from both public and private sectors, across a variety of disciplines, and many of whom have been touched by donation including donor families and recipients. They bring great experience and insight to the important and life-saving work that we do.

NJ Sharing Network was formed in June 1987 when three New Jersey organ procurement organizations merged.

Later that year, legislation passed by both state and federal governments, known as Required Request/Assured Option, began requiring hospitals to present the option of donation to family members of potential donors.

Since then, NJ Sharing Network and the Foundation has set out to educate the general public about how transplantation can save lives with the goal of increasing the number of organ donors.

By working closely with hospitals and transplant centers, and increasing awareness with education tools and the media, the number of organs recovered in New Jersey for transplant has quadrupled since NJ Sharing Network was founded. Through supporting the hospital partners, medical examiners and funeral directors in the identification, referral and care of potential organ and tissue donors, they realize the mutual goal of saving and enhancing lives through organ and tissue donation.

Their fully accredited “state of the art” transplant laboratory performs histocompatibility testing of organ donors and recipients. The laboratory also plays a critical role in the pre and post-transplant evaluation, and successful transplantation of highly sensitized individuals who would be difficult to treat under general conditions.

The Family Services Division provides care during and after a donor family’s experience. Family Services also addresses unique issues related to seeking consent for organ and tissue donation.

NJ Sharing Network’s goal is to educate New Jersey residents about the life-saving benefits of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, so they can discuss donation with their families and make the personal decision to register as a donor. (Click here to register as a donor).

In addition, they work closely with state lawmakers to pass legislation, such as the landmark 2008 Hero Act which mandates donation education in public high school curriculums, for public institutes of higher learning and as a condition for graduation for professional nursing and medical school programs.

Volunteers are at the heart of community outreach. Volunteers help educate the public about organ donation and transplantation by participating in community events, speaking at houses of worship and civic organizations, and encouraging local organizations and businesses to display donor registry brochures and other educational information on organ and tissue donation.

For more information on NJ Sharing Network, click here.

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