Stickley Museum Family Fun Day attended by children of all ages

Four year old Amanda taking materials for a bird nest

PARSIPPANY — The Stickley Museum held its third annual Family Fun & Games program on Saturday, May 9. The day’s activities were built around the theme “My Home.” Children of all ages attended to explore and learn about homes of all kinds, including the Stickley family’s home, the Log House at Craftsman Farms.

Birds are good architects – they choose soft natural materials when building nests for their eggs. The visitors took a bag and gathered nesting materials to take home to the birds in their yard – some moss or twine a colorful piece of ribbon, cotton. Birds will use them to build their nests.

Children visited the Education Room for a chance to get up close and personal with live animals from Animal Experiences, an outreach program developed by the Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary. Children had the opportunity to pet and ask questions about the animals and their homes in nature in a fun and safe environment.

To top off the day, Story Time was in the Log House, brought to you by the Parsippany-Troy Hills Public Library.

While focused on family fun, this program also encouraged children to consider concepts that Gustav Stickley held dear, like the value of nature and the meaning of home. Family Fun Day included scavenger hunts, both indoors and out, that encouraged a fun exploration of the Log House and its beautiful natural environment, craft activities, and games. To end the day, visitors had snow cones from Kona Ice!

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