Parsippany Focus Denied OPRA Request for Motor Vehicle Thefts or Vehicle Break Ins

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PARSIPPANY — According to State Police data, 14,320 cars were reported stolen in 2021 in New Jersey. That is a 22% rise in car thefts from 2020. By August 2022, 9,000 cars were stolen. That is expected to rise to 17,000 by the end of the year.

Many residents have reached out to Parsippany Focus inquiring why our staff hasn’t reported any such incidents happening in Parsippany.

Parsippany Focus filed an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) request with the Parsippany Police Department and was denied our request.

“Regarding your OPRA for motor vehicle thefts or vehicle break ins: Any and all arrests for the above mention crimes highlighted: No responsive records. Any and all reports (which I believe by this to mean incident/investigative reports) for the above mention crimes highlighted: Your request for these has been denied. Under OPRA these records fall into the exemption criminal investigatory file. Applicable case law also states this exemption applies to incidents after they have been investigated and/or closed out,” said Sergeant Brian Conover #443, Public Information Officer, Support Services Division.

“Motor vehicle theft is a growing public safety issue. Not only are members of our community having cars stolen, but their sense of safety and security is being stolen, as well,” said Rep. Sherrill. “In response to alarming trends across the state and many conversations with concerned residents, police chiefs, prosecutors, and mayors in NJ-11, I introduced commonsense legislation to give our law enforcement the tools needed to curb these auto thefts and make our neighborhoods safer. As a former federal prosecutor, I am committed to making sure our local police departments have the resources needed to strengthen community safety and build trust in our towns and cities.”