Judge Rules Probable Cause to Charge Retired Police Chief Paul Philipps with Official Misconduct

Former Parsippany Police Chief Paul Philipps resigned on March 1, 2018

PARSIPPANY —  Montville Township Municipal Court Judge Joseph Deming held a probable cause hearing on May 7, 2019 for a complaint of Official Misconduct, a 3rd degree crime against Parsippany’s retired Police Chief Paul Philipps.

After researching the matter, reviewing all of the documents submitted to the Court and hearing oral arguments, Judge Deming determined on July 5 there was probable cause to charge former Police Chief Paul Philipps with Official Misconduct. (Click here for complaint).

The complaint was signed by retired Police Captain James Carifi. According to Parsippany’s Municipal Court Clerk, the matter was transferred to Montville Municipal Court due to conflict of interest of Paul Philipps being previously employed by the Township of Parsippany as Police Chief.

Judge Deming found probable cause that Philipps deliberately withheld police department records that are mandated to be released to the public in order to obtain a benefit for himself and to injure another person.

Apparently, the documents in question show that the Barberio administration misled judicial officials in various proceedings.

The attached document (click here) is from the Parsippany Police Department stating the “PTHPD violated its Policy and Procedures, and did not comply with the New Jersey Attorney General Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures (Guidelines), when it failed to release the reports you requested.” It further states “The PTHPD was required to make the reports available to the public, and erred when it failed to release them at your request.”

Philipps was represented in Court by Denis F. Driscoll, Esq., a partner of Inglesino, Webster, Wyciskala & Taylor, LLC. John Inglesino was the previous Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Attorney.

Attorney’s Thomas Hanrahan and Robert Renaud were also in attendance representing the Township of Parsippany.

The Complaint was presented in Court by attorney’s Ed Bilinkas and Christopher Deininger on behalf of Carifi.

Philipps is due to appear for judicial processing for an indictable offense at the Morris County Courthouse, Criminal Division Manager’s Office­ Intake Window, first floor on Wednesday, July 24 at 11:30 a.m.

Philipps resigned from the Parsippany Police Department shortly after Mayor Michael Soriano took office. The Township is currently in the process of paying Philipps $423,734.35 for unused sick and vacation time upon his resignation.