Mayor Barberio’s Six Years of Accomplishments

Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor James Barberio

10) Leniency letter to Morris County Judge for a Parsippany drug dealer on Township stationery

9)   $3,000,000.00 from sewer surplus to regular operating fund and tells taxpayers the tax increase is below 2% mandatory cap.

8)   Did not review Township Attorney’s submitted invoices that included $5,000.00 in sales tax. (Township is exempt from sales tax).

7)   Violates township ordinance which Mayor voted for as a councilman that Mayor’s automobile should have township emblem.

6)   Allows township employee(s) to take automobile home in violation of township ordinance that Mayor Barberio voted for as a councilman.

5)   Starting pay scale far exceeding the retiring employee’s salary.

4)   Did not follow up civil action settlement payments from former planning board attorney.

3)   Staggering amount of $750,000 to a private information security firm for imaging the hard drive of a police officers computer.

2)   Cost taxpayers for reimbursement of personal attorneys for Mayor Barberio’s Sunday night meeting. $5,000.00  for Mayor’s attorney and 5,662.50 for councilman Brian Stanton’s attorney.

1b) Witch-hunt of retired police captain and sewer treatment employee’s costing taxpayers $2,000,000.00 with no end in sight for the first witch-hunt.

1a) Serving legal papers to the aforementioned police officer on Christmas Eve, who’s been retired for 1½ years.

Roy’s Corner…. Next top ten arriving soon

Roy’s Corner is an Editorial from a Parsippany resident.