Letter to the editor: Vote for the Conservative Republican team tomorrow

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lettersDear Parsippany Republicans,

Tomorrow’s Primary Election for Township Council is critical for several reasons.  Together with successful, local businesswoman Aida Visakay and community leader John Beehler, I am running for re-election on a platform of stabilizing property taxes, putting an end to the excessively high legal fees being paid to connected insiders, and bring common sense economic development to our town while still preserving our remaining open space.

Mike dePierro has been on Township Council for more than 30 years.  While I respect his service to our town, for the past ten years he has been little more than a rubberstamp for rising taxes (46% higher on his watch), excessive legal fees ($4.3 million in just the last three years), and in this campaign has embraced the support of outside special interests and powerful Democrats who are flooding your mailboxes, harassing you on the phone and invading our neighborhoods with out-of-town canvassers paid for by big labor unions trying to takeover our Republican primary.

Vinny Ferrara is well-known as a hot head who has been verbally abusive to other parents and coaches in the our recreation leagues, and believes he is entitled to things other local residents are not.  This is not someone who should be representing our community.  During his brief time on Township Council, he was just another rubberstamp like dePierro, controlled by connected insiders who profit on the backs of taxpayers.

To cling to power they have teamed up with people wiling to smear and lie about my family, and destroy anyone in their way. These people don’t deserve to lead our town.

Parsippany-Troy Hills is a great place to live, and tomorrow we can take action to make it even better.  Since I got on Council, taxes have been stabilized and a light has been shined on the unethical and potentially corrupt activities of others. Tomorrow we can take the next step and make a clean break from the past.  We can take back our Republican Party and restore conservative fiscal policies and transparent government that saves you money.

I would be honored to have your vote for me and my Conservative Republican team tomorrow at the polls.  Thank you for your time.


Paul Carifi, Jr.
Council President