Get Your Bear Here! At Least the Bears are Showing Up at Work!

Bear roaming the sidewalks at Morris Corporate Center

PARSIPPANY — Get your bear here! Harvey Rosenblatt, CEO at P3 Properties, owners of Morris Corporate Center III, 300 Interpace Parkway, is proud to show off the bear roaming the sidewalks of the premises.

Jack Schwartz, Insurance Counsel and Risk Management Consultant said “Brings a whole new perspective to an animal exclusion in a liability insurance policy!”

Mike Hiler said “I remember that bear. He would visit Building A dumpster Alot when I was a tenant at that location. Guess he is still around and made it through the pandemic.”

“We’ll take any activity in Parsippany!! I’ll do that tour, looks like a tough customer!” said Charles Parmelli.

Shua Snitzer said, “Do you have wild animal insurance?”

Chaim Orzel said, “Does he have to sign in by the visitor desk?”

“My neighbors will throw a fit if I adopt him,” commented Dmitry Polonsky.

“One way to deal with a lousy tenant,” said Moshe Czapnik.