Home Opener – Parsippany Blues Football Club Open Men’s Team

Parsippany Blues

PARSIPPANY — The team members of Parsippany Blues Football Club Open Men’s Team are getting ready for the Home Opener against NJ United on Sunday, April 7 at Smith Field Park.

The “Blues” are nearing the end of their 39th season with the start of the second half of the Garden State Soccer League season which started on Sunday, April 7.

Ricardo Junior Barreto with Mayor Michael Soriano

Parsippany Blues Football Club was founded in 1980 by Parsippany resident Ted Shelby but it was not done alone. The main reason why Ted started the club was simple, he had already helped form a successful Parsippany Soccer Club alongside the help of other partners, coaches, players and the community until the Coaches themselves stated “We Also Want To Play!” that alone created something positive for the community and not just during games but it helped create long lasting friendships that still go on today.

Although not officially affiliated, both the Parsippany Soccer Club and the Parsippany Blues Football Club run very successfully with an unimaginable amount of players from all walks of life joining together, learning what discipline is, learning commitment, loyalty, hard work, integrity, and all the great values one can learn in life. To be used on and off the field.

Currently the “Blues” are one of the very few adult clubs that have, an Open Men’s Team, Over 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with an Over 60’s possibly in the works. A portion of the players in the Over 50’s and possibly Over 60’s, all started with the Club in the 1970’s and 1980’s and still proudly defend the crest until today.

They not only want to encourage the community come out to see, but they are working hard to keep everyone coming back, with their style of play, dedication and love for the game and they believe they can accomplish just that. All home games are free of charge.