Joshua Michael Knowle earns “Eagle Scout”

Scoutmaster Adam Sonzogni, Scoutmaster Keith Hawkins, Sr. Josh and Nick Corrente

PARSIPPANY — At the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Joshua Michael Knowle on Saturday, December 8, Josh was presented with the highest advancement of Boy Scouts, the “Eagle Scout.”

The Eagle Scout Award is Scouting’s highest rank and among its most familiar icons. Men who have earned it count it among their most treasured possessions. Those who missed it by a whisker remember exactly which requirement they didn’t complete. Americans from all walks of life know that being an Eagle Scout is a great honor. The award is more than a badge. It’s a state of being. The Eagle Scout may have received the badge as a boy, but you earn it every day as a man. In the words of the Eagle Scout Promise, they do your best each day to make their training and example, their rank and their influence count strongly for better Scouting and for better citizenship in the troop, in their community, and in their contacts with other people. And to this they pledge their sacred honor.

The pathway to Eagle can be described as a steep trail leading up to three peaks, the highest being that of Eagle Scout. Josh started as a Scout on September 19, 2002. Officially, the trail starts with the Tenderfoot rank (April 3, 2013) and continues through Second (August 10, 2013) and First Class (June 4, 2014) ranks. Then, the mountain climbing begins. The path is marked with merit badges, leadership responsibilities, service projects, and the practice of Scouting skills and ideals. The first peak reached is that of Star Scout (October 8, 2014) , the second is Life Scout (April 13, 2016), and, finally, Eagle Scout (September 20, 2018).

The presentation of the Eagle Scout badge is an important and serious event, the goal for which a Scout works many years, an occasion for pride and joy, a time for serious contemplation. It is the culmination of efforts of the various leaders of this Scout. The Eagle Scout Award is the highest and most coveted rank in Scouting—the last major step in the advancement program. Fewer than 4% of all Scouts in the United States reach the Eagle Scout rank. Josh Knowle has achieved our purpose in the building of character, training of leadership, and the practice of serving.

The requirements for the Eagle Scout rank are as follows:

1. Be active in your troop and patrol for at least six months as a Life Scout.

2. Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Law in your everyday life.

3. Earn 21 merit badges, including the 13 that are required—First Aid, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communication, Cooking, Personal Fitness, Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving, Environmental Science or Sustainability, Personal Management, Swimming or Hiking or Cycling, Camping, and Family Life. Josh earned 51 badges.

4. Serve actively in an approved position of responsibility for a period of six months after becoming a Life Scout.

5. Plan, develop, and lead others in carrying out a service project worthy of an Eagle Scout.

6. Take part in a Scoutmaster conference.

7. Appear before a board of review of prominent persons, and satisfy them that you have done your best to understand and live up to the Scout Oath and Law and, in all ways, qualify for the Eagle Scout Award.

Among the 51 badges John earned were: American Heritage, Archery, Aviation, Camping, Chemistry, Chess, Citizenship in Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Climbing, Communications, Composite Materials, Cookings Crime Prevention, Digital Technology, Disability Awareness, Electricity, Electronics, Emergency Preparedness, Engineering, Environmental Science, Family Life, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, First Aid, Fishing, Game Design, Genealogy, Geology, Home Repair, Indian Lore, Metal Work, Music, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Pioneering, Plant Science, Pottery, Radio, Railroading, Reading, Rifle Shooting, Robotics, Safety, Search and Rescue, Scholarship, Swimming, Traffic Safety, Wilderness Survival and Wood Carving.

Josh is a member of The Parsippany Police Department Explorers. He is currently a Junior at Parsippany High School.

Josh with his parents Sandie and Ronald

Josh’s Eagle Scout project included the complete renovation of the flagpole at Central Middle School. Completely sanding and repainting the pole. The installation of a new flagpole topper which is a proud American Eagle. The installation of new pulley, rope and fasteners to last for years to come. The installation of a solar powered light to illuminate the flag in the evening. The digging of a pathway to and around the flagpole, the installation of weed block and gravel that make access to the flagpole area much easier. (Click here to read complete story).

The flag flies high at Central Middle School, thanks to Josh Knowle

Josh received special acknowledgements from Mayor Michael Soriano; Councilman Michael dePierro on behalf of the Township Council, Parsippany Rotary Club, Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, Assemblyman Jay Webber and Senator Joe Pennacchio; Michael dePierro on behalf of American Legion Post 249; Nicolas Limanov, Board Member of  Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany; Executive Board Member Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce Frank Cahill; Parsippany-Troy Hills Superintendent Dr. Barbara Sergent and Board of Education President Frank Neglia; Sheriff James Gannon; Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Chief Andrew Miller and Parsippany-Troy Hills Lieutenant Keith Lefferts on behalf of Parsippany Police Department Police Explorers with explorers Esther Hsieh and Michael Fiorentino; Wise Animal Rescue; Eric Bisch from the Parsippany Elks Lodge 2078 and Former Mayor James Barberio.

For over 60 Years Troop 72 has served the youth of the general Parsippany area, including Boonton, Denville, Parsippany, and Morris Plains. Boys from ages 11 to 18 are invited to join.

Starting in 1961, between Troop 72 and Troop 177 there were 92 young men receiving their “Eagle Scout.” Here is a list of “Eagle Scouts:”

Jack Robinson, Troop 72; Jeffrey Benson, Troop 72; Ralph Wright, Troop 72; Wayne Grosnick, Troop 72; Leonard Cooke, Troop 72; Michael Cooke, Troop 72; William Cooke, Troop 72; Lee Burgess, Troop 72; Rich Karlson, Troop 72; Dave Peloubet, Troop 72; Jeffrey Glenn Troop, 72; Les O’Neil, Troop 72; Larry Bergus, Troop 72; Darryl Pronko, Troop 72; Bruce Ganek, Troop 72; James W. Kelly, Troop 72; Ian “Mitch” Rosenblum, Troop 72; Carl Jacobs, Troop 72; Richard Tress Troop, 72; Paul Spergel, Troop 72; Steven Chun, Troop 72; Ian Golton, Troop 72; Andrew Sadowski, Troop 72; John Thompson, Troop 177; Scott Smith, Troop 72; Brian Smith, Troop 72; Richard Tkach, Troop 177; Robert Vogel, Troop 72; David Grabell, Troop 72; Edward Ballo, Troop 72; Matthew Wetstein, Troop 177; Charles Chaffee, Troop72; Keith Olson, Troop 72; Demetrios Benos, Troop 72; Timothy Booth, Troop 72; Edward Pursell, Troop 177; Jason Ledakowich, Troop 72; Tommy Hayner, Troop 72; Jason Weinstein, Troop 177; Scott Dubnoff, Troop 177; Peter Newman, Troop 72; Andrew Pursell, Troop 177; Shuan Gonzalez, Troop 72; Matthew Caulfield, Troop 72; Michael Nicosia, Troop 177; Garthon Rowley, Troop 72; Joseph Calafiore, Troop 177; Salvatore DeFilippo, Troop 177; Victor Jacobia, Troop 177; Michael Banom, Troop 177; Christopher Lysenko, Troop 177; Matthew Nicosia, Troop 177;Thomas Ludwig, Troop 177; John Banom, Troop 177; Patrick Banom, Troop 177; Kevin Bogaert, Troop 72; Christopher Ottesen, Troop 177; Anthony DeZenzo, Troop 177; Kevin Owens, Troop 72; Kyle Welge, Troop 177; Christopher Caulfield, Troop 72; Michael Caulfield, Troop 72; Christopher Thomas, Troop 72; Vincent Li, Troop 177; Thomas Gizas, Troop 177; Andrew Ludwig, Troop 177; Rigel Turdiu, Troop 177; Kurt Welge, Troop 177; Brian Recciha, Troop 72; Kiernan Boone, Troop 177; Matthew Hubner, Troop 177; Brian Mitchell, Troop 72; Robert Moroz, Troop 72; John Shandra, Troop 177; Matthew Corrente, Troop 177; Sean Levorse, Troop 177; Michael Kertesz, Troop 72; Nick Corrente, Troop 177; Alex Bamert, Troop 72; Brendan Shanahan, Troop 72; Andrew Goetschkes, Troop 72; Daniel Bamert, Troop 72; Jonathan Kennet, Troop 72; Crin Uricoli, Troop 72; Keith Hawkins, Jr, Troop 72; Thomas Goetchskes, Troop 72, Adam Warner, Troop 72, Alex Adams, Troop 72, Rahul Patel, Troop 72, Rushi Desai, Troop 72 and Joshua Michael Knowle, Troop 72.