Merry Christmas from Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Department

One-year old Jaxon, Seven-year old Jillian and 5 1/2 year old Ryan telling Santa what they want for Christmas

PARSIPPANY —Santa arrived at Lake Parsippany firehouse on Saturday, December 9 to greet the children, take pictures, find out their wish list and give gifts.

Ten-month old Brielle Hedden and Stefanie Serpico with Santa
Eleven-month old Hannah and three-year old Leo Shipon with Santa
Parsippany resident Connie Keller and Santa

Santa stays in the firehouse rather than going around on the fire trucks because it’s safer for the children and gives him the opportunity to talk with each child to hear those special Christmas wishes.

Other fire districts in Parsippany will drive Santa around to the neighborhoods and gave out treats.