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Letter to the Editor: People of the Town Deserve a Voice

Dear Editor:

parsippany focus

Vote Parsippany Democrats in November. Why Keep Delaying the Future? People of the Town Deserve a Voice.

Matt Kavanagh is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and is familiar with managing budgets. Bernie Clarkin is an accountant, not an adjuster, therefore no more financial looting of specific designated funding, especially water and sewer. Judy Hernandez is an environmental/stormwater engineer, not a developer clown, who believes in endless growth at others’ expense.

Municipal Government is not a business, it’s an entrusted responsibility, not something to be given away or severely compromised. What good has the rateable chase done Parsippany; over development, land destruction, water problems, trashed community, traffic just a few. Allowing developers to determine Parsippany’s destiny and not its residence is also a betrayal of the public trust.

Affordable Housing Responsibility

Now Housing Mandates. Parsippany set itself up for this by being over-developed, what else can be done with this “corporate real estate” that litters our landscapes; tax ratables and spending without frugality have earmarked Parsippany for more outside domination by corporate real estate barons. 

Misplaced Blame, and False Assumptions through Disinformation. COVID Impact ignored

Blaming the former Soriano Administration for bringing so-called affordable housing to Parsippany, showed the lack of understanding of the issue by the general public. It was Soriano’s administration that lowered the numbers from what former Attorney John Inglesino developer friends had wished. It was also Inglesino who allowed PILOT deals with 1515 Route 10 and the UPS facility (UPS profited $14 billion in 2014); so why a PILOT deal?  Waterview landscape was also lost to development, another unneeded mall, after a grassroots movement accomplished a no-rezone decision and a promise of open space. Parsippany tax-payers coughed up $4 million in local open space, for something that should have been zoned as a buffer, the 300-feet all were speaking of. There was more, 700 Mountain Way for Forge Pond. Forge Pond could not be developed, as a wetland, and 700 Mountain Way an environmentally sensitive area, was lost to another Mosberg LLC deal.

Believing in Progress but not its consequences of waste, pollution, and Over-Development?

Republicans believe in the myth of progress and the fantasy of what the United States was and in many ways is no more. Endless growth is unsustainable and defies the laws of nature and limits. Denial of man-made climate change despite the science is disturbing. Corporations as people and people as mere consumers, chattel that must serve the system, not a system that serves them. 

If you don’t know, how the world really works in an ecological sense, you are incapable of fitting or preventing more problems from being created. Our water infrastructure is a good example, In the recent past 11 of the 19 wells had severe problems, 4 wells; 3 went dry, and one shut down due to contamination. Parsippany has the highest water deficit in the watershed, due to over-development, not protecting recharge areas, (like Waterview, Mountain Way), depletion, and consumption, and water-mining. Only nature makes us great. 

What good has the corporate rateable chase done Parsippany, if taxes keep increasing? 

 Every election look at the mass pollution of political signs, all posted as opposed to the rules, as the rules are apparently for someone else. The signs are also evidence of following the money, the corporate campaign sponsors’ interest, not the people of the affected community. Under corporate power, the property becomes anti-community, anti-earth itself. Profits for corporations placed above health welfare and sustainable life is the great flaw of power and control, not a caring democracy. 

 We need  Candidates with a long-term vision of a sustainable future, in Parsippany. Without an ecological paradigm in government, we like lemmings continue blindly into the myth of progress, and evade real needed evolution into a sustainable life worth living. Problems of quality of life cannot be solved by tax-ratables and endless growth outside the laws of nature.

Science is telling us one thing, while politicians deny or ignore thru dark money allowed in the system. The Climate Crisis is the most pressing issue of the time. Those who deny the science will take us to the point of no return, as they retreat to their enclosures.

Parsippany is like a landscaper with no Land Ethic 

Time for real change, not musical chair politics. Republicans are not trying to improve or make things better as needed, from single-stream recycling to lack of political courage to enforce source separation mandates that cost us all, pretending that somehow what we see before us, is an acceptable norm. Parsippany can do better. 

The Good is the Bad we don’t do. Vote Democrat Vote Community Vote Sustainable Future

Nick Homyak

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
The above press release has been submitted to Parsippany Focus in accordance with their policy of printing the content as submitted. It is important to note that the opinions and information contained in the press release have not been verified by the publisher, and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or content of the press release.
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