Letter to the Editor: Andy, Jack and Yvonne for the Board of Education


parsippany focusDear Editor:

I have been a Parsippany resident for many years. I am a father and a grandfather. I remain active within the town and talk to many people on several different topics. The Board of Education election this year has come up in my conversations numerous times. I, and many others who I have talked to, believe that our educational system is going in the wrong direction. We believe there is too much focus on things that won’t help the kids be successful in life.

I have educated myself regarding the 7 candidates running for the Parsippany Board of Ed. I have met and spoken with some of them. I believe that the team of Andy Choffo, Jack Raia and Yvonne Ferise are the right choices for the Parsippany Board of Ed. They have stated in different ways the wholesome values that I believe in.

In addition to making sure the Board of Education is making the right decisions for the students, I am a senior and concerned about cost. Andy Choffo, Jack Raia, and Yvonne Ferise have said that they are going to make sure that seniors are not priced out of town with unaffordable property taxes. This is important to me.

I want people like Andy, Jack, and Yvonne on the Board of Education. I know I will be voting for them on November 8.

Vincent Schindel