Where’s Mayor Barberio? At ShopRite

Was Mayor Barberio’s article of Wednesday January 27, 2016 in response to the undersigned’s article of the previous week “Parsippany is going downhill” or was it just a coincidence? Just like a few years back he had a town meeting at Parsippany High School a week before my annual town meeting.

How disrespectful Mayor Barberio was when he set-up a table next to mine at town hall petition signing regarding the huge surplus in the utilities fund that I wanted returned to the user payers. Which by the way, the Mayor has used approximately $3,000,000.00 over the last six years so he could say he stayed below the 2% mandatory cap. Mayor Barberio has taken care of his sycophant followers, friends and family on your tax dollars.

Reminder, very soon every single-family house will be a boarding house or over occupied. Your home property values are plummeting. There are only a handful of residents at town council meetings who ask questions, ask for information and make comments about the town and almost all go unanswered.

In Mayor Barberio’s article of January 27, 2016 he states he will make himself more available by holding regular meetings at ShopRite. That’s right ShopRite!!!!!!! The undersigned could go on and on (look for my weekly letter). Please get involved, please get in touch with undersigned regarding problems in town before it’s too late.

It’s February 1, 2016, not a call back from Mayor Barberio from December to schedule a meeting.

Times up.