Letter to the Editor: Cricket Field?

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I have been fortunate to live in Parsippany for over 30 years. As we all know, Parsippany has a large, taxpaying, South Asian population that has added to the cultural diversity of our township. For many years our township’s South Asian community members have been advocating for a cricket field. In fact, I remember the first push for a cricket field in the early 2000s when I used play cricket with my kids and their friends on a sidewalk in my old apartment complex.

I was encouraged to hear that Mayor Soriano and the town council voted for the creation of a cricket field. However, I was disheartened when I heard that the Republican-led council cut funding for the field’s maintenance. This would eventually leave the field in disrepair and with conditions unsafe for play.I believe that electing new voices to the town council will allow this cricket field to be built and maintained.  That is why on November 5th, I will be voting for Cori Herbig, Rob Kaminski & Judy Hernandez for Parsippany Town Council.

Mayank Parikh
Lake Parsippany