Letter to the editor: Lake Parsippany Assessments

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I was recently informed the Lake Parsippany Assessment objectors lost the court case against the assessment.

As a resident of the lake I will now be required to pay a $115.00 assessment so I may boat or fish on the lake as I do neither it is not to my advantage, nor will I join the lake so I may swim in runoff from Route 80.

I will be asking for a yearly accounting from the LPPOA that shows the expenses are equal to the assessment fees collected. I read the Judge’s decision regarding an easement; this was not in my deed nor in the deed prior to mine. I am unsure as to how far back I should go to find the easement on my property.

Therefore, the assessment will be one of those hidden fees that are charged. I am one of those individuals who reads documents prior to signing looking for hidden fees or clauses; again, this easement was not included in my deed.

Additionally, perhaps the LPPOA should have taken the time to go through the property sales, which were printed for many years in the Daily Record and notified new property owners of this, that did not occur, but we are now required to pay a “hidden fee.” Additionally, is there any guarantee that the LPPOA will not increase the fees on a yearly basis or just when needed.

Mary O’Keefe