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Democratic Leaders from Across the State Denounces Congressman Lance’s Comments on Dr. Ford

Dozens of party, faith and community leaders are showing their support for Dr. Ford following hours of emotional and inspiring testimony against Judge Brett Kavanaugh



TRENTON —  Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie join Democratic leaders from across the state including Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, First Lady Tammy Murphy and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg in denouncing disparaging comments made by Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7). Lance was caught on tape saying he “tends not to believe” Dr. Ford’s allegations she was sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


“We find it appalling that Congressman Lance would prejudge Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and refuse to even listen to her testimony before publicly declaring that he does not believe her. Dr. Ford has shown an incredible degree of courage in coming forward to tell her story, and Congressman Lance’s unwillingness to consider her testimony shows how little respect he has for survivors of sexual assault and for all women. Congressman Lance should be ashamed of himself and he owes an apology to his constituents, to sexual assault survivors and to women all over the country who are inspired by Dr. Ford’s strength and bravery.”

Signed by:

Governor Phil Murphy
Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman
NJDSC Chair John Currie
NJDSC Vice Chair Lizette Delgado Polanco
Union County Chair Senator Nicholas Scutari
Assemblywoman Mila Jasey
Hunterdon County Chair Arlene Quiñones Perez
Somerset County Chair Peg Schaffer
Morris County Chair Chip Robinson
Warren County Chair Tom Palmieri
Hudson County Chair Amy DeGise
Monmouth County Chair Dave Brown
Atlantic County Chair Mike Suleiman
Union County Freeholder Bette Kowalski
Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr
Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach
Clinton Councilwoman Rielly Karsh
Lambertville Councilwoman Elaine Warner
Lambertville Councilwoman Beth Asaro
High Bridge Councilwoman Natalie Ferry
Summit Councilwoman Marjorie Fox
Newark Council President Mildred Crump
BlueWaveNJ President Marcia Marley
New Jersey Working Families Alliance Executive Director Analilia Mejia
Women for Progress President Erin Chung
Reverend Louise Scott-Rountree
Ridgewood JOLT President Catherine Brienza
NJ 11th For Change Political Director Elizabeth Juviler
NJDSC Executive Director Liz Gilbert
Monmouth County Democrats Executive Director Kinn Badger
Paterson Deputy Mayor Jamie Bland
New Jersey Black Issues Convention President Reva Foster
Indivisible: Garden State Values Michelle Hoffmann
Indivisible Lambertville Cindi Sternfeld
Reverend Doctor Mamie Bridgeforth
Mrs. Kimberly Green
Association of Black Women Lawyers President Carolyn Chang
Action Together Executive Director Winn Khuong
Action Together Leadership from across the state:
Northeast Regional Director Anna Wong
Director of Operations Kim Baron
HR Manager Lizzie K. Foley
Drug Policy Reform Director Moira Nelson
Communications Manager Stacey Murphy
Somerset County Co-Chair Cookie Acot
Somerset County Co-Chair Kate Rizzo
Union County Co-Chair Pamela Brug
Warren County Co-Chair Kelly Shea
Warren County Co-Chair Iris Perrot
Warren County Co-Chair Cheryl Marciano
Warren County Co-Chair Pat Brad
Hunterdon County Co-Chair Joyce Santos
Morris County Co-Chair Jill Rhodes
Morris County Co-Chair Anita Esteve
Director of FB Moderation Team Amie Babischkin
Gloucester County Co-Chair Christine Elias
Cape May County Co-Chair Shannon McDevitt
Morris County Co-Chair Rachel Kempster Barry
Bergen County Co-Chair Jackie Low
Burlington County Co-Chair Susan Coleman
Director of Electoral Intelligence Dan Janowski
Graphic Design Director Dani Bratton
Passaic County Co-Chair Stephanie Silvera
Passaic County Co-Chair Patti Douglass
Ocean County Co-Chair Christine Luland
Atlantic County Co-Chair Alison Arne
Hudson County Co-Chair Caitlin Sherman
Civil Rights Director Rachel Green

First Lady Tammy Murphy, Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg have also denounced Lance’s comments.

“Not only should everyone who has a serious allegation be heard, but the ongoing legitimacy of our Supreme Court hinges upon the handling of this hearing,” said First Lady Tammy Murphy. “I believe Dr. Ford — she is compelling, credible and an unwilling participant here who is stepping up and performing a heroic feat of civic duty. Sadly, even before Dr. Ford testified today, Congressman Lance dismissed Dr. Ford’s credibility and said he doesn’t believe her. Congressman Lance’s time is up, and it’s time for new leadership in Congress. That’s why I’m supporting Tom Malinowski, a fighter for women’s rights, and a person who would take the honorable steps to absolutely ensure a citizen is heard, and a proper investigation would follow.”

“Sexual assault is the most traumatic experience any woman could be forced to live with and questioning the credibility of a victim is simply unacceptable,” said Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver. “The nation watched as Dr. Ford provided hours of emotional testimony today detailing Judge Kavanaugh’s attack on her so he could be held accountable for his actions and ensure the next judge appointed to the Supreme Court will protect the values of all Americans. Congressman Lance’s attempt to further humiliate Dr. Ford is intolerable and not representative of New Jersey values. It is clear we need new leadership in the Seventh Congressional District to protect and defend the rights of women.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that Congressman Leonard Lance is falling in lock step with the good old boy’s club of his Republican party on Judge Kavanaugh.  He said he ‘tends not believe the charges.’ How much more outrageous can it get?” said Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg. “He already formed an opinion without hearing her testimony!   Dr. Ford is a courageous and brave young woman — She has chosen to come forward, disrupt her family, her life, her privacy and her safety to recount these traumatic events in front of Congress.  These comments from Leonard Lance are irresponsible and wreak with partisanship without any regard for the survivor of a sexual assault — this is exactly why he should not be representing us in Congress.  This is why we need Tom Malinowski. And we need him NOW! “



Frank L. Cahill
Frank L. Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since January 1, 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, Lt. Governor Division 9 Kiwanis Club of NJ, and Chairman of Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board.
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