Letter to the editor: A Nation With More Money Than God and his gun

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

When the right to own a gun like an AR 15 not a hunting rifle becomes more important than Health Care and a Sustainable and clean world then American exceptionalism stands as a complete hoax and fraud.

We are a violent people our nation is not beautiful and we must stop all this god bless america. The Republic is dead there’s no civic virtue as the trash mounts and the waters run dirty.

Political correctness will not bring remedies. We don’t see the stars of heaven, honor our god, respect the dead, ignore the trash. We are a fallen people. War is economy; violence rather than compassion and understanding rein in our system, where the rich steal from the poor. 

Why do I have to pay taxes to such a system that benefits me not, while those of corporate power and riches beyond need evade the system they benefit most from…That is the question and the answer. Nation of thieves. 

Prayers? May God be on our side, no matter the side…The will of God prevails; by simply praying for the victims? Brings to mind Abraham Lincoln’s, Meditation on the Divine Will speech September 1862 in part below:

In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God. Both may be, and one must be, wrong. God cannot be for and against the same thing at the same time..Abe Lincoln..

What could possibility be god’s purpose here; or the need for prayer emanating from congress? What side have they taken! The side of the gun, Not god or real human values, but the good-guy-with-the gun? where does that leave us? 

The fight against socialism is the theft of all humanity and the keeper of debt and economic slavery. What is democracy if not justice, equality, and education producing citizens of discipline ,concern and caring?

WE ARE A FALLEN NATION. The evidence is before our eyes everyday. A nation that promotes safety & security, but not Health Care, Housing, Environment, Ecology, is a failure. Capitalism and its pursuit of profit undermines humanity’s potential everyday. it has outlived its purpose. Corporations are not people because they are against humanity and democracy…how long can we ignore the evidence? Law & Order does not come from a barrel of a gun…power does. Guns are instruments of dominance over nature, and other men. Guns are the problem our way of life have made them so. We have no respect for real life, and recognize only wealth and power over others. Take a look around America is full of trash, corporate trash and people who ignore it. America is not beautiful or exceptional only blind..Waste more want more. I am not my brothers keeper,aka Christian value nation; hoax. If its not good for everyone it’s not really good at all.

Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha