Letter to the editor: Opposed to Retention of Mr. Inglesino

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

At last night’s (December 27) special Parsippany Town Council meeting one of the town councilmen stated that John Inglesino should remain the Parsippany lawyer because he is most familiar with the Carifi cases.  Retention of Mr. Inglesino is opposed by the incoming administration and everyone who spoke on this issue at the meeting.

I disagree with the idea of retaining Mr. Inglesino for his Carifi case knowledge for the following reasons:

1.    These cases will take months and maybe years to wrap up.  The town can’t give an attorney control over all legal issues for years just because of one case, which will be a fraction of the legal work needed by the town.

2.    The Carifi cases are not the most important issues in this town.  The council can’t deny the will of the people for years over this one issue.  I did not hear anyone from the public speak in favor of keeping Mr. Inglesino as the town attorney.  

3.    Mr. Inglesino may be most familiar with these cases but attorneys hand off cases all the time – this is not that complex.

4.    If necessary, Mr. Inglesino could be brought in as a consultant on these cases.  This is a much more reasonable way to use his expertise than forcing the town to keep him for all legal matters for years.  

I believe the vote to hire a new attorney will take place after the inauguration on January 1 at town hall.  I encourage residents with opinions  on this subject to attend.

Ken Dolsky