Letter to the editor: Michele Sylvin, thank you for your 23 years service

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Michele Sylvin, thank you for your 23 years serving the residents of Parsippany. I personally know your quick response time and diligence in all types of matters that came to your attention.

It was a pleasure dealing with you as a township employee and you were second to none (you were tied with Judy Silver).

There were numerous occasions when residents would tell me that woman in the Mayor’s office she is so nice, responsive, and follows up to make sure the matter was taken of. I would ask did you get her name, yes it was Michele.

What most of the residents do not know about Michele was she did not want to be recognized for  the large number of good deeds. She cares about the town more than anyone can realize. The job is not an easy, the public wants everything, their concerns are paramount, and do not want their taxes increased. She was on the front-line “Mayor’s Action Line.

Remember, three administrations and growing diversified community.

It’s going to be an interesting transition without her, if you call the Mayor’s office after January 1 be patient matters will not be handled so quickly. Michelle will be missed.

Roy Messmer
Former Parsippany Resident