Letter to the editor: Congratulations Mayor-Elect Soriano on your victory!

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

My letter to the Mayor-Elect of Parsippany the day after he was elected.

Dear Mayor-Elect Soriano: Congratulations once again on your victory! My family and I are looking forward to the positive change that you will bring to Parsippany!

I am writing you about a major concern that I have regarding what appears to be a significant increase in burglaries and car thefts in our area. Just last night, my neighbors car was stolen from our street and a few months ago another car was stolen from a driveway on the next street. These occurrences have struck fear in the hearts of families throughout our neighborhood in Lake Parsippany. It makes us wonder how and why criminals are roaming the same streets that we walk with our families and friends. I am sure that you have a full plate of issues to address as you transition into office.

However, I hope that you can prioritize this issue. I’d like to know what ideas you have to maintain the reputation Parsippany has had for many years of being a township that is safe for families. I believe that the community also has a responsibility to keep the town safe. As such, I would like to know what we can do as a community to help law enforcement and each other to keep the town safe. (Neighborhood watch, external cameras, etc…)

Thanks so much for your time and a sincere best wishes for your success.

Regards, Sunil Khanna