Letter to the editor: Mayor Sandham protects his constituents

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Montville’s Mayor Jim Sandham is a Republican. Yet unlike Parsippany Republicans he cares more about the people he represents then about party loyalty.  The Township of Montville has contracted with Parsippany for sewer treatment services, paying about 20% of the facility costs. Recently Mayor Sandham discovered Parsippany Mayor Jamie Barberio had over the years hijacked about $8.5 million in sewer revenues and moved them into the general fund. Instead of raising property taxes to pay for the bloated government Barberio had created he used sewer money to fill the gap. That allowed him, especially in an election year, to create the illusion that there was a “zero tax increase.”

Sandham put aside that he and Barberio are members of the same party and he took action to protect his constituents. He contacted Parsippany, requesting reimbursement. When weeks and weeks went by and Barberio failed to acknowledge the situation Sandham drew a line in the sand. He sent a letter demanding $1 million for Montville sewer rate payers by October 20 or he would have his township attorney initiate a lawsuit. 

As a resident of Parsippany, I don’t want a mayor who scams our neighbors to make a budget.  I don’t want another lawsuit.  If I lived in Montville, I would be infuriated and want to take my sewage business elsewhere which would hurt Parsippany.  If Barberio wants to achieve a zero tax increase, he should start by not overpaying his pals like (allegedly) Dr. Louis Valori, John Inglesino, Ramona Ortiz, Eugene Natoli, or using taxpayer money to print out propaganda like the latest “Pride in Parsippany” newsletter.  I think 8 years of Jamie Barberio is enough.  It’s time for a change.  We need someone who will make the most out of every tax dollar.  That’s why I plan to vote for Soriano, McCarthy and Peterson on November 7.

Pat Simon