Letter to the editor: Lack of Transparency for Current Parsippany Administration on Drinking Water Safety


Dear Editor:

On March 20, 2017, the Daily Record reported that Parsippany-Troy Hills has levels of sodium in its drinking water above the Secondary Drinking Water Standards. The main cause of this anomaly is reported as runoff of road salt into our water sources. These reports date back to the last recorded test of the water in October 2014.

The report noted that those with sodium related health concerns need to consult their doctor before drinking Parsippany’s water. The Parsippany Water Utility published a legal notice last week in the Daily Record urging readers to, “Please share this information with all the other people who use this water, especially those who may not have received it directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses).”

The Barberio administration should follow its own advisement and do more than the legal minimum to inform the entire township about such a serious issue.

“I am requesting that the administration publish this information prominently on the municipal website immediately, and also use Twitter, Facebook, and the Mayor’s personal blog to disseminate this kind of information so the people of Parsippany are well-informed. I am also requesting that when the new 2017 water-testing results are available, the township administration release them to the public immediately,” said mayoral challenger Michael Soriano.

As of this submission, there is one mention of elevated sodium levels on the municipal website buried deep and nearly impossible to find, and no mention on any township social media accounts, despite the initial readings taking place over two years ago.

“It brings into question the priorities of the administration,” Soriano continued. “Tens of thousands of tax dollars are spent each year for the township website and social media accounts. It’s time Mayor Barberio used them for their original purpose. I would like to see public health and safety concerns at the top of the priority list for our municipal government’s online presence.”

As of this submission, the most visible items on the government’s website and social media were the Mayor’s Weekly Update (which does not mention this issue) and the Mayor’s recent television appearance on Channel 63.

Michael Soriano
Mayoral Challenger
Lake Hiawatha




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