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Letter to the Editor: Parsippany Resident Alarmed by Hasty Council Development Deal

Dear Editor:

I am a more than 22-year Parsippany resident who doesn’t attend Council or other municipal meetings. However, I participated in the November 9th Council meeting called with very little notice, and I now suspect the last-minute nature of the gathering was to keep as many residents in the dark as possible about a pending construction development deal that will cost taxpayers millions. This meeting reminded me of what happened one year ago when the issue of PLA was discussed. 

I can call it PLA Part 2. 

The meeting’s order of business was the establishment of a long-term tax exemption plan for three “Payment in Lieu of Taxes” (better known as PILOTs) to certain developers looking to build two large-scale apartment complexes and one warehouse in town. In short, the Mayor-sponsored measure up for approval is nothing more than taxpayer-funded development that will unleash a deteriorating quality of life, higher local taxes, and strained municipal services. 

At the beginning of this last-minute meeting, Mayor Barberio argued how wonderful this project is and how important it is to support developers during these economic times. 

The Mayor contends Parsippany has no future without his taxpayer-funding arrangement and without providing the Council or constituents with any credible and supportive facts or figures. He just offered fear-based statements and empty promises of benefit at the meeting. 

After Mayor Barberio’s pitch, John Inglesino reiterated the same previous basic talking points the Mayor delivered. 

As a resident who never goes to municipal meetings, I didn’t really know who Mr. Inglesino was at the meeting, but one thing was clear to me: He is no stranger to the Barberio and Carifi clan. 

Mr. Inglesino gave evasive answers to specific questions from Councilman Justin Musella and tried to convince everyone that everything would be good for Parsippany’s future and its residents if the deal was approved by the Council. 

While the other council people kowtowed to the Mayor’s sales pitch, only Justin Musella raised smart questions and tried to understand how good this project could be for residents. All other Councilors didn’t make one peep, they just bobbed their heads in agreement – I’m interested WHY???

After Barberio and Inglesino’s marketing presentation, residents present were allowed to speak. Residents had A LOT of comments and questions:

 1)    Why is it necessary to give developers a break from taxes while township residents struggle to keep up with annual tax increases?

2)    Why does this need to be done so quickly?

All attending residents and Councilman Musella voiced suspicion and disagreement with the Mayor’s burdensome initiative. And again, the Mayor could not give one substantive, clear, fact-backed answer to any of our questions.  

I still kept asking myself why would a Republican, self-proclaimed fiscal disciplined mayor impose something so burdensome upon his constituents. Then, I later learned that Mr. Inglesino was the “shadow Mayor” and Parsippany township attorney working under Barberio between 2010-2018.

Come on Mayor Barberio and complicit Council members Carifi, Neglia, dePierro, and Gragnani, you must do better for your residents than to prioritize political operatives and your connected friends over the welfare of your residents. 

I urge all Parsippany residents to stop what they’re are doing and voice opposition to this taxpayer-funded project that Mayor Barberio is trying to shove down our throats for the sake of YOUR future ability to afford to stay in town.  

This measure will hit your wallets like a bulldozer for years to come —long after residents are able to vote these entrenched, self-serving council people out.

Please attend the Tuesday, November 21 Council meeting at 7 pm to say NO to developer giveaways! 


Sam Labkovsky

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
The above press release has been submitted to Parsippany Focus in accordance with their policy of printing the content as submitted. It is important to note that the opinions and information contained in the press release have not been verified by the publisher, and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or content of the press release.
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