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Letter to the Editor: The Critical Role of Cannabis Legislation

Dear Editor:
This is a crucial time for cannabis legislation in Parsippany. Here’s why…

The election for the Parsippany Troy-Hills Township Council is coming up on November 7th, and we must bring Class 5 Cannabis Retail to the forefront!

There are three council member seats and six candidates running to fill those positions.

The six candidates are:
Paul Carifi Jr. (incumbent)
Adam Kandil
Matthew McGrath

Judy Hernandez
Bernard Clarkin
Matthew Kavanagh

I strongly suggest reaching out to all of them and asking what their stance is on amending the cannabis ordinance to permit Class 5 cannabis retailers to operate in town especially since a cannabis distributor was recently approved to operate in town pending a state license from the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

We need to elect the best candidates who will advocate for locally-owned tax-generating small businesses so that legitimate cannabis companies like Happy Daze Boutique have a fighting chance to operate a state-licensed dispensary in town.

Get informed and exercise your right to vote so that we can move cannabis forward in Parsippany.

Our future taxes may depend on it!

Cassara Grasso
CEO & Co-Founder
Happy Daze Boutique

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
The above press release has been submitted to Parsippany Focus in accordance with their policy of printing the content as submitted. It is important to note that the opinions and information contained in the press release have not been verified by the publisher, and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or content of the press release.
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