Parsippany Hills Wrestling Parents Association Holds Pasta Fundraiser

Sons of Italy – Lodge 2561 Brings Their Cooking Expertise-

Kerry Krauss, Cherie Costello (Co-Presidents of PHWPA), and Joe Jannarone

PARSIPPANY — It was late morning on the 10th of November when the Sons of Italy-Lodge 2561’s crack cooking squad gathered on Halsey Road, at the Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company (District 3), to begin preparations for that evening’s Pasta Dinner Fundraiser in support of Parsippany Hills Wrestling Parents Association. The Sons of Italy may not be professional chefs, but they can surely deliver an outstanding Italian feast when the need arises. Local Lodge volunteers provide several of these charitable pasta-style dinners throughout the year, which is just another part of Lodge 2561’s various community service endeavors.

Joe Jannarone, Jr.

First to arrive at the Fire Company, with pots and pans in tow, was Lodge 1st V.P. and Sauce Chef for the day, Joe Jannarone Jr., who wasted no time starting up the sauce (or gravy if you prefer), and of course, getting those meatballs in the oven. Cooked long and slow, with added savory meats enhancing the flavor, even more, Joe’s sauce is as tasty as it gets. At the same time, the outside kitchen crew was busy setting up the humongous water pot in preparation for the 30 or 40 pounds of Penne Rigate they brought along just in case.  No one ever leaves the Lodge’s events hungry!

The Parsippany Hills Wrestling Association (PHWPA), a nonprofit organization, was established to support the Parsippany Hill Wrestling Team (District 7 – Region 2) members and coaches. The PHWPA holds various fundraisers throughout the year including Senior Night, an Annual Banquet, Training Programs, Team Building Activities, and Giveaways. Proceeds from the November 10th  fundraiser will go to those activities, as well as for the purchase of equipment, awards, and summer camp.

Sons of Italy Cooking Crew: Harry Mangiri, Bob Asaro, Lou Amato (kneeling), Pat Minutillo, Jim Torsiello, Councilman Frank Neglia, Mayor James Barberio (both members), Mike Zambito, Scott Walstead, Lodge President Bob Adamo, and Joe Jannarone Jr.

The Parsippany Hills Wrestling Team currently has a roster of 30 wrestlers and includes participants from grades 9 through 12. Their season commences on November 22, where they will compete against Bayonne, and with the hope that they qualify for the State Tournament, which is the goal, their final match will be in March. The Team is coached by Chris Wells, Anthony Pizzuta, Dave Albano, and Volunteer Coach Justin Altschul.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Council Vice President Loretta Gragnani and her husband Adam

It is thanks to community-minded, self-sacrificing citizens like Kerry Krauss and Cherie Costello, who serve as Co-Presidents of the PHWPA, and who put their heart and soul into supporting and working on behalf of our outstanding Parsippany Hills Wrestlers that make Parsippany such a family orientated, caring, supportive community. It endeavors like this fundraiser helps provide our local youth with the support and resources that lead to success not only in wrestling but in life.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Council President Michael dePierro

Five O’clock arrived, and the room filled with a nice crowd, who were able to enjoy a luscious meal while supporting a great cause. Salads, bread, dessert, and more are accompanied by an abundant amount of pasta, sausage, pork, and meatballs. The room had a lively vibe and was filled with family, friends, and team members. It was also nice to see many of our local officials in attendance, including Mayor James Barberio, Parsippany-Troy Hills Council President Mike dePierro, Vice President Loretta Gragnani, and Council members Paul Carifi, and Frank Neglia.

Co-President Kerry Krauss stated, “We are very grateful to the Sons of Italy and appreciate their support.” “Thank you so, so much for the amazing pasta and sauce/gravy and meatballs as well as all of your support of the Parsippany Hills Wrestling team.”

Outside Kitchen Crew: L-R: Mike Zambito, Joe Mola, Pat Minutillo, Mike Fazzio, and Tony Rizzolo.

Donations are always welcomed. If you would like to support the PHWPA, donations can be made through Venmo at @PHHSWrestling23 or by mail at: Cherie Costello, 176 Flemington Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054.

Best of luck and success Parsippany Hills Wrestling Team. Have a great season!

Parsippany Hills Wrestlers serving the crowd