Letter to the Editor: I Support Andy Choffo, Jack Raia, and Yvonne Ferise


Dear Editor:

I am encouraging voters to support Andy Choffo, Jack Raia, and Yvonne Ferise for the Parsippany Board of Education. I have known Andy for many years, having had children of similar ages in the Parsippany School District. Andy and I share a similar perspective on a substantial number of topics, including the impact of education on children and society. I am confident that Andy’s running mates share these points of view.

Andy, Jack, and Yvonne want a school district that will focus on student achievement. The Parsippany school district recently posted student achievement results. The decline in student learning is alarming. You can go to the district website and view the presentation by clicking here.

The Parsippany Board of Education needs to have the administration focus on educating students. I am confident that as Board Members, Andy, Jack, and Yvonne will concentrate on student achievement, while providing a commonsense approach to educating children. They will also ensure that all students are provided an equal opportunity to succeed, directing resources where necessary.

Parsippany needs volunteers like ANDY CHOFFO, JACK RAIA, and YVONNE FERISE on the Board of Education. Please vote for Board of Education rows 1, 2, and 3 on Tuesday, November 8.

John Staudinger