Letter to the Editor: PLA Ordinance Goes Against Republican Values

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

We are perplexed by the decision our current Town Council and Mayor are making by putting forth an ordinance that goes against the values of our Township.

Parsippany has always been about opportunity and helping small business, not about tying business’s hands and limiting  constituents. Instead We have always seen Parsippany as a place of opportunity and encouraging it’s community to climb as high as they want.

A public servant runs for any office for what they can do for the community they live in, from a place of civic responsibility, not for what their community can do for them.

Money and power are evils that are so easy to fall into, but not if public servants want to keep the trust of the people who elect them.

The Mayor and Town Council are putting forth an ordinance that will dictate the conducting of business for tomorrow and the future.  They are opening a can of uncertainty and making living in Parsippany difficult. Inflation is already hurting the taxpayer and now this ordinance will be increasing our taxes even more.

How can we trust our elected officials going forward? We would have never imagined that any Republican would ever push this type of ordinance.

Do the right thing and support your community.

Susy and Jeff Golderer