Parsippany Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs stand at the ready

EMTs show the proper procedure for loading infants on stretchers

PARSIPPANY — Even before the COVID-19 pandemic reached the the world’s collective doorstep, first-responders and emergency medical technicians have stood on the frontlines, often putting their safety on the line to help others in need. Whether it’s virus response, heart attacks, or any other emergency, rescue units are a community’s first line of defense and care. With all that in mind, keeping their training current and front-of-mind is essential to providing the community with the best emergency response possible, especially in these trying times.

Members of the Rockaway Neck First Aid Squad show the use of the Lucas

Parsippany Volunteer Ambulance Squad (Car 65), Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Unit (Car 69), and Rockaway Neck Volunteer First Aid Squad (Car 66) took part in an EMS joint training drill today to integrate the two ambulance squads and rescue unit. The annual training included an off-terrain patient care and extrication activity, skills stations, and fire scene rehab with the PATRIOT trailer on site.

EMTs and First Responders discuss procedure for properly lifting and training

“This [training] was set up before COVID-19,” said Louis Yuliano, Chief of Parsippany Rescue. “With the amount of calls we all handle together, it’s important that all the units are on the same page with equipment and protocols.”

“Its a joint effort,” said Paul Anderson Deputy Chief of Parsippany Rescue. “We all do cross-training on specialty equipment regularly, to know where everything is these emergency vehicles and how to use it.”

Over 40 dedicated volunteers from the three squads were given first-hand presentations on stretchers, stair chairs to take people up and down tight stair-accessible-only exits, the Lucas device – an automated CPR chest compression machine used in ambulances while en route to hospitals, and other life-saving devices.

Members of Parsippany Rescue prepare the vehicle for an off terrain patient

“Parsippany should be comforted knowing that our volunteer first responders are doing the continued training to keep our township safe.” Said Mayor Michael Soriano, in attendance at today’s training.

This joint drill takes place once per year, though the units and teams take part in other trainings regularly year-round. Other drills include auto extrication, rope and high-angle rescue, dive team, elevator rescue, confined space, swift water rescue in the summer, and ice rescue in the winter – both surface and sub-surface.

“We have a great relationship with all of our emergency responders,” Anderson said. “I can look at any of them and know we’re all on the same page. I can be using the Jaws of Life, and know that my counterpart is ready with the next piece of equipment needed without saying a word. That’s all a testament to the dedicated members around us. Everything is fluid.”

For more information on what Parsippany Rescue does and how to become a member click here or call (973) 263-0660.