Zoning Board hearing for proposed “Senior Living Facility” postponed

PARSIPPANY — Residents came out in droves to the Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Adjustment on Wednesday, January 15 to show their opposition of the proposed “Senior Living Facility” on a parcel to be subdivided from the property currently owned by St. Christopher’s Church. Due to overcrowding at Parsippany Town Hall, the meeting will be rescheduled at a larger location.

The property known is as 1050 Littleton Road, Block 166, Lot 96. The application is comprised of 156 dwelling units with a mix of assisted/memory care and independent living units. Amenities include a central social court, fitness center, café, open workspace, outdoor recreation areas, hardscape and softscape landscaping, and a promenade walking area.

Chairman Robert Iracane said “We have a overflow crowd and being fair to everyone, we need a venue that will handle a bigger crowd. So I just want to get some preliminary stuff done tonight and then based on some of the conversations I’ve had with (Zoning Board Attorney) Mr. King, we’re going to get some housekeeping done. And then for all intents and purposes, we’re going to carry this case.”

Board Attorney Peter King stated “There’s one issue that was raised by the council for the residents. The notice doesn’t appear to indicate that there’s a proposed restaurant, a bar, at this site. There’s a case on point where the same thing occurred. It was a restaurant not on the notice and the Appellate Court said that was fatal in notice. I don’t want to see that happen. I don’t want to go through multiple days of testimony.”

“The case that was cited talked about a restaurant with a liquor license that was not indicated in the notice. This is not a restaurant with a liquor license. This is a facility which in my notice indicates that there is a facility for providing, or an eating venue,” said Jerome A. Vogel from the Law Firm of Jeffer, Hopkinson & Vogel, representing the applicant GTP Acquisitions, LLC.

“At this point in time there’s some substantive discussion regarding this. I think  that’s even improper. The hearing should not be open for any type of substantive discussion at this point in time. Not only is the, meeting room filled to over capacity, so is the building, the fire marshal’s indicated that. Any discussion of any substantive nature as to this hearing would be a violation of the open public meetings act. So for that reason, while I do appreciate the need to try and clean up and advise the applicant of concerns regarding notice and I, and counsel for the board, I do appreciate the opinion that was given as well. I think that any type of substantive discussion regarding either the notice, any type of procedure or the substance itself as far as testimony is improper. The open public meetings act, given the crowd that we have here today. And I’d ask that this hearing be adjourned to a different venue at a different time,” said James T. Bryce, of Law Firm of Murphy McEwen appearing on behalf of The Friends of Green Space.

Chairman Iracane said “We’re going to do the best we can to find the place that will accommodate everyone. We’re carrying this case and everyone within 200 feet of the application, will get a formal notice. Anybody else who lives beyond the 200 feet, I would recommend that you read Parsippany Focus because they seem to be the only game in town when it comes to news. And hopefully Nora will make sure that it gets into the Parsippany Focus so that you read the notice online.”

The project proposed by GTP Acquisitions, LLC, for a “Senior Living Facility” on a parcel to be subdivided from the property currently occupied by St. Christopher’s Church. The project “Thrive at Parsippany” will include a total of 156 units (proposed and future). The project will also include 270 parking spots. 4 spots for Handicapped spaces; 205 spots 9′ x 18′ spaces; 19 spots 8′ x 20′ spaces; 21 garages and 21 driveway spaces.

Proposed Senior Independent / Assisted Living Facility
     Assisted / Independent Living
     -One Story, Two Bedroom Cottages = 29 Units
     -One Story, Two Bedroom Cottages with Garages = 21 Units
     Assisted / Independent Living
     -One Bedroom Apartments = 38 Units
     -Two Bedroom Apartments = 12 Units
     Memory Care
     -One Bedroom Apartments = 28 Units
     – One Bedroom Apartments = 28 Units (Future Use)
Parcel will be subdivided from the property currently occupied by St. Christopher’s Church
The future phase will include 28 – One Bedroom Apartments

To view the video of the meeting click here.

Access to the property will be from Rita Drive and circulation and parking will be independent of the church.  GTP Acquisitions, LLC will also purchase the property located at 21 Rita Drive, (Lot 84, Block 166).

The house at 21 Rita Drive, next to Parsippany Hills High School entrance, will be demolished and become the entrance/exit for the complex
There are signs on most of the properties on Rita Drive except for 21 Rita Drive

According to corporate documents filed with the State of New Jersey, the registered agent of GTP Acquisitions, LLC, is David J. Weiner, 171 Fifth Avenue, Paterson. Pike Construction Company is also located at the same address. David Weiner is a managing member and principal of Pike Construction Co., LLC and has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the general contracting and real estate development business. Upon graduating from Hamilton College with a B.A. in Economics, David began his career at Pike in the field as an assistant superintendent, then project superintendent.