Don’t forget to clean around your fire hydrants

Edward Limanov cleaning around a fire hydrant

PARSIPPANY — Parsippany-Troy Hills got an estimated 22 inches of snow this week. Numerous power lines and trees down all over the roads, the last thing our volunteer firemen need to do is try to dig out a fire hydrant when there’s an emergency. Please help our volunteers and dig out your fire hydrants. While it may not seem like an issue, when you think about all of the trees and power lines that may affect us, the last thing the firemen need to worry about is being able to access a hydrant.

This small task that you do can help out so much in the event of an emergency.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Ordinance 169:16c states: The owner, tenant or occupant of any lands upon which a fire hydrant is located or the owner, tenant or occupant of any lands abutting the sidewalk upon which a fire hydrant is located shall be responsible for keeping the fire hydrant clear of any obstructions.