Horrible Scene of Abandoned Cats In Vacant Parsippany Home

Cats were found in an abandoned house on Troy Road

PARSIPPANY — A horrific scene was discovered in an abandoned home in Parsippany after the original owners regained entry after removing a squatter.

There were at least 25 cats and kittens confined to a small first-floor bedroom. The smell of cat urine could be detected before even entering the home, but that was nothing compared to the burning of eyes, nose, and throat once entering the room of horror where the terrified cats were located.

Obviously, the cats, some newborns, had been there for months, defecating and urinating on the floor. The waste was inches thick. Cats were found deceased and buried in waste. The windows were sealed and the smell of ammonia from the urine-soaked floor made it hard to breathe without a respirator.

Hundreds of paper plates were strewn on the floor to feed the cats

Hundreds of paper plates were strewn on the floor to feed the cats who were hiding on shelves, in the ceiling, and under cabinets to stay above the mess.

Many rescues were called to help as well as local Animal Controls but they were unable to help rescue the cats. Shelters are often full due to kitten breeding season and they have limited space and capacity.

Members of Wise Animal donned with hazmat protective clothing and respirators

When Wise Animal Rescue became aware of the situation they immediately developed a plan to begin the process of trapping the cats. Donned with hazmat protective clothing and respirators investigators and animal control specialists with WISE were able to safely trap five kittens and five adults on the first day of operations.

WISE is placing the cats in a large safe room where they will stay and be cared for temporarily until a better solution can be found.

WISE does not normally do rescues of this magnitude but they felt the situation warranted immediate action. A long-term solution and rescue are needed for all of the cats.

Please reach out to wiseanimalrescue@gmail.com if you are affiliated with an organization that can help!

WISE is a nonprofit organization and they are asking for your help. All donations can be made by clicking here.

This matter has been turned over to the authorities and is under investigation.

Ways to donate! Cash or check, by mail: PO Box 121 Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

Venmo: @wise-animalrescue

Volunteers removing the cats from a Troy Road home