Letter to the Editor: I support Mayor Soriano

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

For the 10+ years, before I knew him as Mayor Soriano, I knew him as a loving family man, skilled tradesman, dedicated community volunteer, and a wonderful friend with a great sense of humor who would always take time to see how you were doing.

In his role as Mayor, I see all of those qualities in how Michael approaches the daily challenges of running our township. As we were walking to our cars after the swearing-in ceremony he decided the first order of business was to replace the parking spot that was reserved for “Mayor.” It was the closest spot to the entrance and Michael felt it should be reserved for residents who need closer access, not an ego-stroking perk. He swiftly and happily pulled the sign down and as I watched it happen I felt it was a fitting example of who Michael is and what he would bring to this role.
During his time as Mayor, he has made a point of holding Town Halls in each of Parsippany’s unique neighborhoods to better understand what’s happening in town. Michael doesn’t shy away from those with a different opinion, often engaging others in discussions to better understand other points of view. We served together on the Parsippany Democratic Committee and I would watch as he would engage others with different points of view, who sometimes approached angrily, shouting their opinions. Michael would take the time to listen and discuss things, and the encounter would end with smiles and handshakes.
I have been a Parsippany resident for more than 25 years, I wholeheartedly support re-electing Mayor Michael Soriano!
Betty Wyka