First Parsippany-Troy Hills Death Related to Coronavirus


PARSIPPANY — An 88-year-old female Parsippany resident passed away from the virus today.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased, and I know I speak for the entire community in sharing that sentiment.  This passing must galvanize all Parsippany residents, not classified as essential employees, to comply with Governor Murphy’s stay-at-home order,” said Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor Michael Soriano.

“The only way we can defeat the spread of this virus is by keeping ourselves separated from each other.  Every death due to this virus is a tragedy, and every single one of us has a major and direct part to play in preventing as many tragedies as possible.  That includes social distancing in supermarkets and outdoor spaces, he said.

As of yesterday, Parsippany had a total of eight people presumptive positive tests of COVID-19.

“I want to emphasize that under HIPPAA laws, the Township cannot release any identifying information on those who have presumptively tested positive for COVID-19 beyond age, gender, and hospitalization.  Name, address, and other information is not even shared with me, nor can it be,” said Soriano.

While I understand that residents would like this information to be publicly shared, the fact is that these laws are in place for a reason.  The best procedure is to behave as if anyone, including ourselves, could have or be carrying COVID-19, and to practice basic sanitation and social distancing practices at all times.